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Tasty Pet Food & Pet Treat Recipes!

Your pet is there when you need a reassuring kiss or a warm body to snuggle.  Your special dog or cat deserves the best, and now's your chance to offer Kitty or Puppy the tastiest, freshest, most made-with-love pet food and pet treats, EVER.

It IS possible to create homemade dog and cat foods and treats without spending a lot of money or a lot of time.   (Those high-priced bags of pet food or pet treats in the vet's office?  Much of that price comes from the name branded packaging, not the ingredients!)

At, you'll find hundreds of recipes for:

  • Dog Food and Cat Food
    Selections range from real-world practical meals, often made with human ingredients, to dry kibble to make in bulk.  Paws-itively yummy!
  • Cat Treats and Dog Treats
    Crunchy pet treats, biscuits, and cookies (the terms can be used interchangeably) to give pooch or puss when she's feeling a bit peckish or when he deserves a special treat for good behavior.   You'll even find purr-fectly appropriate pet desserts and celebration recipes here!
  • Special Health-Related, Health or Medical Foods or Treats for Dogs and Cats
    If your furry friend needs special foods (say, diabetic recipes for dogs), is feeling under the weather, or needs breath mints (what dog DOESN'T?), you'll find those recipes here.  Also special meals or formulas for puppies and kittens.
  • Miscellaneous Recipes for Cats and Dogs
    Sauce and gravy recipes for your dog or puppy?  Make your own kitty litter?  Yep, we have those sorts of pet recipes too.

Whether you just want to experiment in making the occasional kitty meal or go all-out and make up a bit batch of dog kibble, you'll find a wide variety of recipes here.  Many of the recipes contain the vitamins and minerals needed for energy, but you'll also find certain ingredients can help improve his teeth, bones, skin, fur, stamina, weight, and overall wellbeing.

So browse the site (we've included a handy search feature so you can find specific ingredients), and sign up for our mailing list!  Not only will you receive notice of new recipes or awesome pet products, but you'll receive a free "PET POISONS HOTSHEET" just for subscribing.

"Bone" appetit!

DISCLAIMER:  All recipes were obtained from sources believed to be reputable but some ingredients are somewhat controversial AND each pet is different.  For example, many cats are lactose-intolerant, so some experts feel you should never give a cat anything with any milk at all in it; others feel that if your cat doesn't react negatively, occasional treats with a little milk are fine.) 

In addition, the idea of feeding pets homemade food is itself controversial.  Commercial food manufacturers are required by law to include certain ingredients deemed essential (example: taurine for cats).  So if you choose not to feed your pet commercial foods, you need to do your research and make sure your pet is getting what they need.  This site is meant to be a collection of recipes, nothing more - it's your responsibility to make proper food and meal choices for your pet's ongoing health.

I've gotten these recipes from many different places - but no, I have not made every single one myself.  So please be discerning -  if the ingredients or amounts don't seem quite right, don't make it, or just make a small batch.  And let me know!  I'll remove the recipe or see if I can find a better version of it;  I've removed or modified dozens of recipes since the site went live.

Also, there's no way we can give specific advice for any particular pet; again, PLEASE talk to your vet instead!  See our FAQ section and our Pet Nutrition Page.  It's also a good idea to make a small amount of a recipe first, to see if your pet even likes it!