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Cat Litter Boxes

In this new section we'll feature products that are new, popular or essential for pet owners; please visit often since it will be updated frequently!

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Automatic Self-Cleaning
Cat Litter Boxes
(Whew!  One less smelly task...)

An essential pet supply for cat owners is a cat litter box, but not just any cat litter box, since "inappropriate elimination" is one of the primary reasons that cats and kittens are given up to a shelter. The more inviting a litter box is to the cat, the more apt he is to use it, so you need to think like a cat, not like a human.

How? A cat’s sense of smell is much better than a human’s, and he/she also has an instinctive need to be clean – therefore a large litter box that is cleaned often will be infinitely more appealing than a cat litter box that traps disgusting odors and gives him/her no room to maneuver.

A "hooded" cat box offers privacy to a timid cat but may also make a cat feel confined; they are also neater (since the litter stays inside the box) but if not cleaned at least twice a day they also trap odors that may discourage a cat from using it.

An open cat litter box is usually more inviting to the cat, and larger boxes not only give a cat more room - which helps him/her feel more comfortable - but large litter boxes also lessen the chance that your feline friends will miss the litter box altogether.

Since some cats will not use litter boxes that have been used by another cat, or insist on urinating and defecating in separate boxes, you may need more than one litter box.

Also, sometimes dominant cats block more timid cats from using the litter box, so this is something to watch out for if you have multiple cats.

Always make sure litter boxes are in quiet, low traffic areas away from where the cats eat. (Laundry rooms are popular locations for people but actually not preferred by cats because of the noise.)

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Cat Litter Box Covers
(Litter boxes aren't exactly attractive, are they?)

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Assorted Cat Litter Boxes
(The one picture above is the CatGenie, which is self-flushing!)