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Cat Water Fountains

In this new section we'll feature products that are new, popular or essential for pet owners; please visit often since it will be updated frequently!

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Drinkwell Pet Water Fountains
and Supplies

Cats that don't drink enough water run the risk of dehydration and also urinary tract disease, you already know it's vital for their health- but why a cat drinking fountain, instead of a plain ol' bowl?

It's simply that many cats prefer running water - ever noticed how many cats like to drink from a faucet?  And it's actually healthier for your feline friend, too, since moving water becomes aerated and is much more palatable to drink, for cats as well as people.

And since leaving the faucet running all day simply isn't feasible, a cat water fountain is the next best thing!  Even if your cat has never shown an interest in your water tap, or is an outdoor kitty, most cats are much more attracted to the sight and sound of running water than they are to an ordinary water bowl.

Cat drinking fountains come with a wide range of reservoir sizes, so how do you know which size to get?  It depends on your cat and how often you are available to refill it.

Generally speaking, a cat that is fed canned food needs less water than a cat fed dry food, since canned food has water in it. 

The age of the cat is a factor, too; elderly cats tend to drink more than younger cats.

Also, if you have multiple cats or leave your cat out all day you should choose a model that holds sufficient water.  Some cat drinking fountains have additional add-on reservoirs available to increase capacity.

Naturally, cat drinking fountains need occasional cleaning, though most have filters to catch cat hair and other particles before they enter the pump.  Many can be washed in a dishwasher, which is very convenient.

So why not try a cat water fountain?  It is a deservedly popular and healthy way to give your cat the fresh cool drinking water he or she needs.

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