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Cat Food Recipes

Us cat lovers LIVE to pamper our feline friends.  After all, with all the loving companionship they give us, they deserve the best - and our cats let us know it! So when your cat or kitten turns up their noses at their food, it's time to start cooking.

These recipes for cat meals are tasty as well as healthful; try a few of the individual meals and be sure to check out our collection of cat treat recipes, too.

First, check out these cat books/courses, all of which have money-back guarantees - I fund this site from the sales of books like this, so would appreciate you taking a few minutes to see if any of them would be useful to you!

stop cat urine odor18 Ways to Stop  Cat Urine Odor Problems
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Complete Cat Training:  Cat obedience training, believe it or not!  It IS possible, according to the author - and she'll give you your money back if you don't agree.  $37, ebook, immediate download

Train Your Cat to Use the Human Toilet!:  Wouldn't it be great not to buy litter again - or have to scoop that smelly mess?  Visit the site and watch the videos of cats going potty if you don't believe it.  Only $29.95, also an 8 week guarantee, ebook, immediate download

(This book also comes with a bonus book about Feline nutrition!)

A+ Dinner
Beef and Veggie Broth
Beefy Goodness
Better Than grass Salad
Bland Diet for Finicky Felines
Canadian Cat Relish
Cat Eggs
Cat Munchie
Chicken and Sardines
Cheese Please
Chicken and Pasta Stew
Chicken Crunchies
Chicken Soup
Chicken Stir Fry
Crispy Trout Dinner
Emergency Kitten Milk
Fabulous Fishballs
Feline Feast
Feline Frenzy
Finicky Eaters Meal
Fish Delight
Food for Felines
Grain Free Cat Food
Homemade meal
Honey Casserole
Joyous Cat Food
Kipper Supreme
Kitty Breakfast
Kitty Heaven (Sardines and Rice)
Kitty Heaven Sardine Surprise
Mackerel Cat Munchies
Mackerel Magic
Meat Majesty
Meaty Oats
Mince Surprise
Potatoes Au Feline
Sardine Heaven
Sardine Soup
Sauteed Liver
Special Dinner
SU-Purr Salmmon Pate
Tuna Balls
You Gotta Have Sole
Your Kitty's Kibbles
Yummy Cat Food