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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I search for a specific ingredient?  Is there an easier way to find what I want?

Yep.  We've included a Search box on the site (look in the left navigation bar for the link.)  We're also reorganizing the recipes a bit, trying to categorize them better, but we're not quite done.  With almost 250 recipes, it takes a while!

What are recommended serving sizes - why don't you include them for each recipe?

It's nearly impossible to do so; serving size will vary depending on age, activity level, current health, weight, and season.  But generally speaking, the average adult cat will eat roughly 1 cup a day. Because dogs vary so much in size, consult the table below. The amount shown should be split into at least two meals daily.

Up to 10 pounds - 1 to 1 1/2 cups
11 to 20 pounds - 2 to 3 cups
21 to 40 pounds  - 4 cups

For each additional 20 pounds, add 2 cups.

WET (CANNED-CONSISTENCEY) FOOD - 1 cup per 30 pounds of dog's weight

There's no hard-and-fast rule; your pet will let you know!  Homemade pet food is often richer and higher-calorie than commercial pet food.

A good way to introduce homemade food is to begin by replacing 25% of your pet's meal with the homemade and gradually increasing the amount of homemade food while reducing the amount of commercial food.  Start slowly.  Watch for any problems, such as diarrhea or indications that your pet is allergic to a particular ingredient (such as ear infections or skin problems.)

And some pets are awfully picky eaters - it's a good idea not to make huge batches of a particular recipe until you know if it'll get eaten!

If your pet already has a health condition, discuss any changes in his/her meals first!  There is no way this (or any) site can substitute for personal knowledge of your pet and appropriate veterinary care.

How long does homemade pet food stay fresh?  Do I need to refrigerate these recipes?

It depends on the ingredients, of course, but generally speaking you can store leftover cat and dog food in an airtight container in your refrigerator for up to a week.   Many people like to make up larger batches and freeze smaller quantities (2-3 days worth of meals).

Remember, there are no preservatives in homemade pet food!  My personal feeling is if YOU wouldn't eat this food a day after making it if it weren't refrigerated, then it's a recipe you probably ought to refrigerate...

Have you tested every recipe on your pets?

Heavens, no!  We have one dog and one cat - they'd weigh 300 pounds each if we did.

Where did you get your recipes?

A variety of places.  Friends, a vet, public domain recipes, we bought rights to reprint some recipes - no single source.

Are you sure they're safe and healthy for my pet?

They SHOULD be... but please do not feed your pet any of these foods if you're at all unsure about doing so, or if they have medical conditions that require specific nutritional support.  We are not responsible if you do so.  Check with your own vet if you have any concerns.

What foods should I avoid?

Alcoholic beverages
Fatty foods
Macadamia nuts
Moldy or spoiled foods
Onions and onion powder
Raisins and grapes
Yeast dough
Anything sweetened with xylitol
Source: The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Always keep garbage out of a pet's reach, as rotting food contains molds or bacteria that could produce food poisoning.

If you see a recipe on this website with an unsafe ingredient, please let me know!

Can you recommend a good source for really high quality or unusual recipes?

If you didn't find what you want here, try Healthy Foods for Dogs: Homemade Recipes.  Excellent resource, although sorry, we can't suggest something similar for cats.

Do you have any other pet sites?

Sure do!  The amazing growth of the pet industry, coupled with the continuing desire of people to work for themselves, caused us to do some research on pet businesses.  Visit Pet Business Central for info on dozens of pet-related businesses!