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Pet Nutrition Overview

not every human food is good for petsWhile you probably love to spoil your pet rotten with all of the gourmet goodies you can find in this website, you know that the most important thing for any pet's diet is nutrition.  Your furry friend needs quality ingredients, the right nutritional proportions, and something that will keep him full and satisfied without packing on the pounds. This can be a tough balance to strike, especially when you factor in the work required of you to make the food. As you know, it's super-easy to go pick up those bags and cans of chow every week, but you never know exactly which preservatives go into them and whether or not they're really satisfying your dogs nutritional needs. The only way to be absolutely positive of those things is to make the food yourself.

You'll soon see that one of the best features of these recipes is that many of them can be made and enhanced by ingredients you already have in your cupboards. Even better, several of them can be made entirely from the leftovers you have from your family's dinners over the last week. That saves you money, it cuts down on food waste, and your dog or cat certainly won't complain about getting bits of that succulent roast chicken in her kibble.

Of course, not everyone agrees with this philosophy, and our focus here is on recipes, not on in-depth analysis of the nutritional needs of pets.  For example, while many vets and pet owners agree on the virtues of non-processed foods, there's quite a bit of controversy on feeding pets raw meat.  Still, if that's what you're looking for, I'll add some links soon for more information. 


Generally speaking, "people food" is not a good idea for pets, especially in large quantities (and remember that a very small amount of food, to a human, probably IS  "large quantity" to a cat).  Some foods are fine in small amounts; some should be avoided altogether.  Experts disagree on some ingredients.

Here's where to find info on toxic foods and people foods to avoid:

APCC (Animal Poison Control Center); specifically, here is the "People Food" section

If you see a recipe on this website which contains a problem ingredient, please let me know!

And please - if your pet has special health problems, or you're not absolutely sure you ought to feed any particular recipe to your dog or cat,
ask your veterinarian first.

** Recipes marked with this double asterisk are specially designed to satisfy  the 30/30/30 nutritional proportions your dog's body needs to be its best, and each is simple enough to make that you can easily set aside an hour each week to put it together and be prepared for the next seven days. These aren't exotic, gourmet foods that'll have your baby's tummy trying to keep up. They try to mimic the types of food your pet would eat if still in the wild while adding the modern benefits of plaque prevention and dental care.